The "soldier with Perez" was a soldier stationed aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga. When the Cloned Xenomorphs on board the station broke out of containment, the soldier assisted Perez with the subsequent evacution of the ship in any way he could.

The soldier was presumably killed when himself and Perez were ambushed by a Xenomorph following the evacuation.



The soldier assisted General Perez in evacuating the Auriga after the Cloned Xenomorphs on board escaped their containment cells. He was helping Perez launch the ship's lifeboats when the two witnessed a Xenomorph climb aboard one of the pods and begin slaughtering its occupants.

Realizing that the pod will unintentionally carry the Xenomorph on board to Earth if it is not destroyed, Perez ordered the soldier to hand his grenade over, which he then threw into the escape pod before detonating it a safe distance from the ship.


As Perez offered a sombre salute to his fallen men, another Drone used the opportunity to sneak behind him as he was distracted. At the same time, the soldier was petrified, unable to warn Perez of his imminent demise, and instead backed himself against a wall in fear. The Xenomorph then slayed the General, before presumably moving on to the soldier and killing him.

Personality and traits

The soldier was a courageous man and served with honor, choosing to stay on board and assist with the evacuation rather than board a lifeboat to escape — even if it meant he would likely die in the process. Throughout the evacuation, he stayed by Perez' side, indicating his loyalty.

However, when a Xenomorph prepared to ambush Perez, the soldier was petrified and could not bring himself to warn the General. That petrification is what led to Perez' and presumably the soldier's demises.


The soldier carried a remotely detonated grenade that he handed to Perez to destroy the Xenomorph in the escape pod.


  • The character is never named in the film or its novelization, and is simply credited as "Soldier".



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