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Soldier in cocoon
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Deceased[1] as of 2381[2]

Portrayed by

Nevada Vargas


The "soldier in cocoon" was a soldier stationed aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga.


The soldier was captured by the Cloned Xenomorphs after the escaped confinement and taken to the Hive set up in a waste tank at the bottom of the ship.[3] He was cocooned alongside Dr. Gediman, and it is likely he was impregnated with a Chestburster. From his place in the Hive, the soldier witnessed the Cloned Queen give birth to the Newborn. It is not clear if the Newborn killed the soldier once it had slain Gediman, but if the soldier survived he was killed not long afterwards when the Auriga crashed into Earth.


  • The character is never named in the film or its novelization, and is only on screen for a brief moment. However, in the film's original script, the cocooned soldier was attacked by the Newborn (which in this draft was spider-like and drained the blood from its victims using an inner jaw) before the creature turned on Gediman.



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