Smiley was a Yautja Elite, a member of a clan hunting Xenomorphs on an unnamed jungle planet, also inhabited by a group of marooned human colonists.



Smiley was a heavily armored male yautja with tan skin. He has black, ringed Dreadlocks like the typical predator. After his fight with a Queen alien, he appears to be missing his right eye.


On the unnamed jungle the members of Smiley's clan were killed one-by-one, causing Smiley to go on a rampage, killing many Xenomorphs in an attempt to avenge his fallen brothers. He eventually came face-to-face with an escaped Xenomorph Queen, and the reader was led to believe that Smiley was killed; However, it was revealed that Smiley managed to kill the Queen after a vicious battle. Smiley is last seen standing, battered and bloody, on a hill, looking on as the humans escaped the planet. Smiley's status indicated that he survived.



  • Smiley wore the same mark on his mask as Scar. Maybe they part of the same clan or this is just an hommage.