Smart Shield

Concept art featuring the Smart Shield.[1]

The Smart Shield was piece of equipment designed for Aliens vs. Predator;[1] it did not make it into the final game, however.


The Smart Shield featured mounting for a Smartgun and was designed to look as though it came from the same manufacturer as the Sentry Gun. It was lightweight and unfolding, ideally carried overhead by two men into position then slammed centrally facing the enemy into the ground so the piston post fired securing bolts into the floor. The Shield would then unfurl and the holding support slid down to expose a firing position. The Shield soaked up particle beam blasts and dissipated the energy through the side vents. In addition, the Shield could be electrified to deliver a fatal shock to an enemy seeking to climb over (7 seconds to recharge). To get past, the player would press B to retract the side panels.[1]


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