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Sister Midnight
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Yautja (Predator)





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Sister Midnight was a female Yautja who appears only in the comic Mindhunter, a crossover between Witchblade, The Darkness, Aliens and Predator. Sister Midnight, along with a group of other predators, sought to stop Kenneth Irons' attempt to overrun the earth with xenomorphs. When she & her comrades attempted to board Irons' ship. however, automated defenses cut down her comrades, while she herself just barely managed to get on-board the ship with her life. On her own now, she soon tracks down the other main characters, sara Pezzini & Jackie Estacado, but finds herself drawn to the witchblade, that she doesn't even attack Sara at first. She Allies with them, though it seems that shes only doing this to keep sara from being killed by anyone but herself. They then come face-to-face with the Darkalien, an xenomorph born from the creature of the darkness. The creature proves to be a fearsome foe. After locking the darkalien into an airlock, sister midnight tries to help herself to the witchblade, but is stop by sara, who tries to negoitiate peace with her and tells her that they need to work together, but jackie threatheneds to kill her with her own detached plasma caster. Sister midnight cloaks & retreats for the moment, but comes back to assist them against the darkalien, sara & jackie are near to being engulfed by the darkalien, however, the witchblade transferred itself to sister midnight and she, along with jackie, combined their efforts to destroy the darkalien, and the witchblade returns to sara. Sister midnight, though badly injured, still sought to to end Iron's scheme for good. Per her wishes, sara helps sister midnight set her self-distruct timer to go off. After taking off in an escape stuttle, sara & jackie see sister midnight's self-distruct device destroy Irons' ship, thereby completing her mission while also giving her an honorable death in the eyes of her people.

Sister midnight2

Sister Midnight carrying the Witchblade

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