Singh was a crewmember who was part of the crew of the Geryon sent on a 'salvage mission' on the moon LV-223.


Unlike most of the crew who explored the terrain of LV-223, Singh stayed behind aboard the Helios.

Captain Angela Foster and the others, after exploring through a lush jungle, encounter an old vessel from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash.

Meanwhile on the Helios, Singh is having a conversation with another crewmember before a Xenomorph suddenly appears behind the window. Singh orders an alert and has the vessel on lockdown, preventing any of the now numerous creatures from getting inside.


Singh's conversation suddenly interrupted.

An unhinged Elden, mutated from the black goo that Francis Lane had injected into him, approached the surrounded Helios and the Xenomorphs allow him to open the hatch to the Helios. The Xenos stormed into the ship and began slaughtering those inside.

Singh and whats left of the crew of the Helios manage to escape from the ship on ATVs. The Xenomorphs are on hot pursuit and one pounces onto the ATV Singh was in, crashing the vehicle. As Singh was about to receive a Headbite, Jill rams into the creature, killing it and saving Singh. The crew retreats into the derelict that Angela and her crew had previously encountered.

The darkness of the interior forces the crew to join hands and make their way across. The crewmember in front of Singh calls for his name, she calls again and looks back, revealing that she was holding Singh's severed arm.

It is later revealed that a mortally wounded Singh, begging for death, was cocooned by a Xenomorph to be used as a host.


Singh's fate.


  • Singh is the first Indian character introduced into the Alien series.