Sierra Cruz was a female team member of the second team sent by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to take back Salazar VII during the events of Aliens: Xenogenesis.


Sierra paroled to the Strikeforce Program after a squandered youth of terrorism and street-gang violence. Cruz and her team were tasked to continue Lex Brodie's mission after her death. She and her team barely managed to escape Salazar VII after losing many of their team members to Xenomorphs

Personality and Traits

Sierra, although physically skilled and acrobatically unmatched, was emotionally unstable. Sierra was a fearless warrior who showed no emotional disturbance even towards Xenomorphs. She had become desensitized by the violence of the operation she and her team participated in. On one occasion, Sierra even removed her combat pressure suit and battled hordes of Xenomorphs wearing only her tank top and underwear.