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The Shuriken.

The Shuriken is a primarily thrown Yautja weapon which functions much like the Smart-Disc. Constructed with six retractable blades, the Shuriken is also used as a slashing weapon and is immune to a Xenomorph's acid blood. Keen enough to cut into three inches of solid stone, the blades are strong enough to break a Xenomorph Queen's hardened head armor, though it cannot seem to actually cut it. Shurikens[1] can cut through a single Xenomorph without slowing down and, even after going through a Xenomorph, have enough force to lift and pin a human to a wall several feet above the floor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Alien vs. Predator director Paul W. S. Anderson developed the Shuriken as a replacement for the Smart-Disc; while he liked the concept of a thrown Predator cutting weapon, he thought the Smart-Disc in Predator 2 "looked too much like a frisbee".[2] The Shuriken was based on the traditional Japanese weapons of the same (colloquially known as "throwing stars"), although with greatly increased size and the additional ability to be folded away for storage.


  • In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Wolf is seen to have a column lined with Shurikens next to his Bio-Mask wall, though instead of taking a Shuriken from his throne room, he later takes a pair of Shurikens from the corpse of Bull in the crashed Scout Ship. Wolf later uses one to slay a pair of Xenomorphs, but accidentally kills Jesse, pinning her body to a wall several feet above the floor. However, this does not break the Yautja Honor Code, seeing as Jesse ran recklessly into the Shuriken's path and was not intentionally killed.



  • In the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle, an upgrade for the Smart-Disc will turn the weapon into a Shuriken.
  • The three Young Bloods Celtic, Chopper and Scar all carried a Shuriken, but only Scar actually used his. Chopper was killed by Grid before he had the chance to use his and Celtic had an opportunity to use his against the Xenomorph Grid, but for unknown reasons, chose not to, but Scar managed to kill a Facehugger, kill a Xenomorph, attack Alexa and Sebastian and injure the Queen with his pair of Shuriken.
  • Scar and Wolf are the only two Yautja on film to use Shurikens.



  1. According to the Hot Toys Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Predator (Wolf) figure's page on Sideshow (link), the plural of Shuriken is "Shurikens", as the figure is said to come with "Closed Shurikens". "Shurikens" is also used in Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr.'s commentary of Requiem.
  2. Paul W. S. Anderson, John Davis, Richard Bridgeland, Tom Woodruff, Jr.The Making of AVP [DVD]. 20th Century Fox.

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