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Shorty was the name given by Machiko Noguchi to a young Yautja in the Hunter clan that he had been adopted into after the massacre at the Prosperity Wells settlement on Ryushi. He was named thusly for his shorter-than-average height.


Biography Edit

Shorty was an unblooded young Yautja who stood a considerably short height for a predator, who usually average about 7 feet or more in height. He was described as being "a head taller" than Machiko Noguchi, a human whom he had bad blood with. Because he's smaller, other Predators often pick on and push him around and he takes his frustrations out on Machiko, despite the fact she is technically a higher rank as she is a Blooded warrior.

Led by Top-Knot, the clan goes on a queen hunt, with intention of capturing a queen to seed other planets with for future Blooding rituals. They infiltrate a Hive and Shorty's lack of attention almost costs him his life, as a Drone sneaks up on him. It is about to kill him, but Machiko kills it first, robbing the hunter of an honorable death. His fellow hunters all laugh at him and from that day forth, he seeks to tear Machiko down.

After offending a high ranked predator, Machiko is placed up against Shorty in a one-on-one match to see if she is truly worth her rank as a blooded warrior. Her agility, speed, and strategy to use the Yautja's weight against him works at the beginning of the fight, but things take a turn for the worst when he manages to get a hold of her. Shorty twists her ankle and knocks her dizzy by slamming his much harder skull into her own, then throwing her out of the ring, winning the fight. For this loss to a lower ranked novice, Machiko is discharged from the clan and the Hunt for good.

Later, after re-integrating herself with humanity, Shorty and Machiko meet again. This time, however, it is a fight to the death, a rematch of sorts concerning honor. This time, he cannot the advantage and when Machiko tells him that he loves human women, specifically her, and wants to father her children, he cannot tolerate such a slight.

His rage costs him the fight and Machiko removes his arm with her wristblades. She then plunges them into his throat, ending him.




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