The Shokan Xenomorph is a Xenomorph variant born from the body of a Shokan.



The Shokan Xenomorph is far bulkier than the average human-spawned variety, particular concerning it's arms, of which it has four. The Xenomorph also as a crest, though it is rather unremarkable in comparison to that of a Queen or Praetorian. It seems to lack dorsal tubes and completely lacks a tail.


Shokan Xenomorphs begin to spawn when the Outworld Hive begins to flourish. One can be seen standing alongside the Outworld Queen during the ending story of the Tarkatan Xenomorph's ladder challenge.


  • This alien would've presumably been hosted by Goro, but he is suspended from the Outworld Hive walls and his chest is undamaged, indicating there is no Chestburster inside him or it hasn't emerged yet.
  • The crest on the Shokan Xenomorph is from the Draco line of the Shokan.


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