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The Game Preserve Ship.

The Game Preserve Ship was a Yautja ship on the Game Preserve Planet. It is unclear who exactly owned the ship, whether it was the Super Predator Clan or the Jungle Hunter Clan, as both factions seemed to have some control over the vehicle via their Wrist Gauntlets. The ship was ultimately destroyed when the Berserker Super Predator used his Remote Detonator to destroy the ship when Royce attempted to pilot the ship to Earth.


The existence of the Game Preserve Ship was first revealed to Royce by Noland and later by the Crucified Predator via a hologram from his Wrist Gauntlet, when Royce offered to free the latter from his captivity at the camp of the Super Predators. Royce agreed to free the Predator in exchange for safe passage back to Earth aboard the ship. He did so and the Predator used his Wrist Gauntlet to activate and prime ship for take off.

The Berserker then returned to the camp to throw the recently captured Isabelle and Edwin into a pit only to discover the Crucified Predator was free and that the ship was preparing to depart. After the Berserker successfully defeated and decapitated the Crucified Predator, the Berserker used his Remote Detonator to destroy the ship, thinking that he had killed Royce.



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