Shesh-Kuk was a Yautja (though a Hish in the book) sent to the planet Midnight on a hunt.


Shesh-Kuk was the clan leader of a large Hish hunting party sent to the Predator hunting planet of Midnight. He is ruthless and methodical. He deeply despises humans, referring to them as "tall monkeys" and attempted to use experimental mind controlling technology on a number of humans on Midnight to kill other humans, one of the humans being Roy Mannen. He sees himself as not having to answer to anyone other than the Predator leader himself, Bel-Cann, and he and his clan would be considered dishonorable by mainstream Predator standards due to the fact that they kill unarmed human females and children. Shesh-kuk even teaches his spawnlings to share the joy of dishonorable hunting.

In the book, Shesh-Kuk was a generative breeder, or a male, but in some cycles, he was a receptive breeder, or a female (as the Hish are Hermaphrodites). He had spawn of his own and the clan took their spawn with them on expeditions so as to create an atmosphere of deep respect and joy for stalking as early as possible. Shesh-Kuk could care less for the well-being of his crew and would even threaten to either kill or throw them out of the airlock, but he does value his spawnlings, especially Shesh-Terk, his favorite one out of 3 generations, and he even wanted revenge on the humans that killed his valued spawnling. Out of all the members of his clan, Shesh-Kuk seems to have a great dislike for Kaleps-Sis (starts off as a male), who was a bit too worshipful of Shesh-Kuk, speaking to him with respectfully using the most ancient honorifics, much to the annoyance of Shesh-Kuk. When Kaleps-Sis began the process of changing into a female, Shesh-Kuk was annoyed and even considered punishing Kaleps-Sis, but in the early state of female modality, any Hish was unpredictable.

Shesh-Kuk even shudders at the thought of spraying "spawn secretion" on his eminently dislikable under-warrior. When Hierarch Bel-Cann finds out about Mannen, Shesh-Kuk suspects Kaleps-Sis of treachery. Shesh-Kuk meets his end when Ness, with all his strength and skills, kicks Shesh-Kuk square in the face into the pit of boiling water.



  • Shesh-Kuk wore a mask with a design identical to the one Celtic used, and used extra-long Wristblades.