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Weyland-Yutani Corporation, God

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Wiped out Hive on PCW9512




Selkirk is a 22nd century human who survived the initial crash landing on PCW9512. As well as ending the attempted Hive on said planet.


Proverbs 13:4

While aboard the Nova Maru Selkirk was the cook who dedicated his life to god. While his faith was often the butt of jokes he was still rather friendly of the crew. One day whilst the crew ate their food Hold Four had been breached and their Captain Foss had been taking care of the disturbance.

As the Captain then arrived at the door he began to rant about the danger killing one of his crew. Selkirk would then be forced into an uneasy alliance with the Captain. Eventually piloting the escape pod towards the planet.

Romans 14:8

Selkirk and the Captain while crash landing unfortunately had little food and even fewer life lines. Selkirk was to fish and continue working on the escape pod as the Captain lay and wait for him. Even after capturing one of the flying creatures on the planet only for the two to become sick.

The Captains waining mental health now becoming a problem Selkirk tried to radio for someone only for the Captain to attepmt to murder Selkirk. After a breif scuffle Selkirk stood victorious and out of desperation resorted to cannablism.

Psalm 91:11

After a few days of dry food and the last bit of water Selkirk on the verge of death was found by the ships First Officer Dean. She along with Selkirk decieded to travel to the ship in order to escape but they eventually met with several of Maru's Demons. The two eventually tumbling into a waterfall and continuing on. Once awakening from the fall Dean enacted her plan and the two made a run for the ship only for Selkirk to trip and see a decayed and Chestburted Boyd.

Peter 2:4

Selkirk then tumbled into the hive witnessing all the hell below him. Making his way towards the last bit of the ship arming himself he would reunite with Dean only to be told the truth. Upon hearing this he would rig the ship to explode while pray to the lord hoping for peace.

Personality & Traits

Selkirk was a very devot man who believed in the lord. Usually being rather respectfull and never instigating a fight. He was more or less a very good man in his life. However after the landing his sense of morality was put to the test. While he wound up killing his captain, lusting after Dean, and killing numerous Xenomorphs he still knew he had wronged in his life and prayed for his soul and his crew mates.


Selkirk weilded a machine gun of sorts during most of his survival. He would eventually gain a flamethrower and pistol during his final assult.