"We've got company. Seegson Security just came through. Guns in hand. Not friendly."
Ricardo to Amanda Ripley

A member of the Seegson Security.

Seegson Security was a security force owned by the Seegson Corporation. In 2137, Seegson Security forces led by F. Sinclair operated aboard Sevastopol Station. They later disbanded into a violent and dangerous group of survivors when Sinclair realized that their chances of survival would increase if they went rogue.


Every Seegson Security member Amanda encounters in Sevastopol is hostile. They tend to be more likely equipped with a Model 37-12 Gauge Pump Action shotgun than that of the .357 Revolver. Their body armor makes them more resistant to damage but they can still be killed rather swiftly.  As with other hostile survivors on-board Sevastopol, if Amanda is spotted from a distance, the security guards will give her a chance to leave. If she refuses they will open fire. If they encounter Amanda much closer, they will open fire immediately.


Most Seegson Security operatives were equipped with white body armor and riot protection helmets clearly inspired by the M3 Pattern Personal Armor and M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in 2179, although the helmets featured a visor that completely covered the wearer's face, unlike the M10. They also wore white, light blue or black shirts tucked into black, blue or grey cargo pants and a duty belt, as well as black work boots or white trainers very similar to those worn by the crew of the USCSS Nostromo.

Their weaponry included .357 Revolvers and Model 37-12 Gauge Pump Action shotguns.


A Seegson Security team lead by F. Sinclair operated on board Sevastopol Station in 2137. After a Xenomorph infestation broke out on board the station, Sinclair and his team hid themselves in Solomons Habitation Tower, where they tried to seal off all access to the area by shutting down elevators, barricading doors and welding vents shut.

Sinclair's men also raided for supplies, shot at civilians, and took other survivors hostage, which infuriated Waits. Waits recorded an audio log for Sinclair, telling him that he hopes the Xenomorph finds and kills Sinclair before he can find a way to kill the Xenomorph itself.

After Waits and Amanda Ripley finally killed the Xenomorph, Ripley encountered several members of Seegson Security holding a group of civilians hostage. However, as a result of the Working Joes being given new orders to hunt down and kill anyone who poses a threat to the survival of the remaining Xenomorph specimens, a group of Working Joes appeared and attacked them. The operatives immediately opened fire on the Joes, but were quickly overwhelmed and killed along with the civilians, though some may have escaped. Amanda herself slipped away in the chaos.

Much later, Amanda encountered another group of guards (recently betrayed by Sinclair himself, who locked the area down and abandoned them) patrolling Seegson Communications. Ricardo informed her that the group is planning to board the USCSS Torrens and take it over by force. While they can't board it currently due to the comms being disabled, he warns her to stay clear of them as they're still dangerous and desperate. Amanda sneaked past the group undetected as they were all slaughtered by a Xenomorph that infiltrated Seegson Communications.

Some time afterwards, Sinclair and his remaining team were ambushed by a pack of Xenomorphs that managed to get into the habitation tower. All of his comrades were either killed or taken by them, including his wife and children, while Sinclair himself was mortally wounded and later died from his injuries.

It can be assumed that any security personnel not at the habitation tower when it was breached by the Xenomorphs later perished when the station plummetted down to KG-348 and burned up in its atmosphere.

Behind the scenes

Originally intended for the game were 'Seegson Private Guards'; various guns for hire that served as additional security and protection for those who could afford their service. Like Seegson Security in the main game, members of this security force were also going to go rogue and "become a law unto themselves" (as stated in The Art of Alien: Isolation), with the Colonial Marshals being "too few in number to impose any kind of order." They notably carried fully automatic firearms in conceptual artwork, something that was also completely cut from the game.


  • Two Seegson Private Guard suits can be found in the Colonial Marshal Bureau, possibly indicating that the Seegson Private Guard still exist in-universe despite their removal.
  • The Seegson Private Guard's guns are still referenced multiple times within the files of Alien Isolation as "SMG", hinting that these characters were taken out of the game quite late into development.
  • Strangely, if headbitten by a Xenomorph in-game, their visors will remain intact, though a faint blood-stain can sometimes be visible on the inside.