"Tomorrow, Together."
―Company slogan
Seegson Coporation Logo
"Tomorrow, Together"
Years active: 22nd century
Ethnicity/Composition: Human
Notable members: B. Ransome
Major activities: Research and development, synthetic manufacture, space station construction, communications
Rivals: Weyland-Yutani Corporation

Seegson, formerly known as Sieg and Son,[1] was a European conglomerate[2] and a prominent synthetic manufacturer[3] in the 2130s. Seegson was a smaller entity than the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and aspired to imitate Weyland-Yutani's success.[2] As such, some of its technology was more primitive.[2]

Julia Jones, resident reporter for The Colonial Times, described it as the "company we all forgot", and one of the "second-tier corporations", who were wasting investments in over-expansion during the race into the Outer Rim.


Seegson was founded as Sieg and Son by entrepreneur Josiah Sieg.[1] With the advent of faster-than-light travel in 2034, Sieg and Son became a major competitor to Weyland Corp, who were the pioneers in the field.[1] The company's willingness to share its FTL products with other corporations — a practice that set it apart from Weyland Corp — helped it to achieve huge success.[1] By 2066, Sieg and Son was operating huge manufacturing plants in London, Buenos Aires, Nagasaki and on Luna.[4] In 2071, the Sieg family sold their shares back into the company, which continued to expand at an exponential rate. Sieg and Son became market leaders in the production of cars, chemicals, educational equipment and building materials.[4] Towards the end of the century, the company formally changed its name to Seegson.[4]

Among Seegson's more notable endeavours was its heavy investment in deep space orbital platforms, such as Sevastopol Station, which the company bought from previous owners Lorenz SysTech. Seegson turned the dilapidated station into a bustling freeport and made it the primary off-planet site for the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of their Working Joe androids.[5][6] The station was also outfitted with an APOLLO mainframe that governed its day-to-day operation, the company winning awards for its advanced AI system.[6]

However, Seegson's decision to gamble on deep space orbital platforms for extra-solar habitation, as opposed to the terraforming and colonization technologies being pursued by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, would prove disastrous.[7] According to reporter Julia Jones of the Colonial Times, it became "abundantly clear that Seegson has gambled wildly with both its own investment and that of banking corps such as Geofund Investor".[7] The company's rush to expand into space colonization, and the high operating costs involved with such a venture, meant it was unable to support itself when the industry collapsed. The failure of Seegson's deep space orbital outposts in favour of planetary habitation crippled Seegson, and many of its flagship settlements — such as Sevastopol — soon became economically unviable and forced to close down.


Despite Seegson's aspirations of matching Weyland-Yutani, the reality was that many of their products were inferior and more rudimentary in nature. For example, some of their synthetics sounded more 'robotic' and did not look properly human; instead, they resembled mannequins. However, Seegson's technology was similar to Weyland-Yutani's, and at least one of their space stations was equipped with a computer whose voice matched that of the USCSS Nostromo's MU/TH/UR 6000, but, as previously stated, it still was not as sophisticated on many fronts. Due to the relatively primitive nature of Seegson technology, the company resorted to corporate espionage and the theft of Weyland-Yutani Synthetic blueprints to mitigate the lack of their own research.




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