Amanda Ripley using the Security Access Tuner.

The Security Access Tuner, also known as the Systems Diagnostic Device,[1] was a device that, by tuning in to the correct frequency and entering callback codes, as well as matching frequency fluctuations, could override systems, doors and terminals in a short amount of time.


The device required a data cell to operate — these cells were inserted into a slot on the base of the device and were also coded to allow access to only certain security levels. Yellow cells only permitted the user to hack low-security systems, while orange and red cells allowed access to progressively more secure systems.

In 2137, Amanda Ripley used a Security Access Tuner to hack many doors and terminals aboard Sevastopol Station. She acquired hers after a female looter dropped it while running away from the Alien.




  1. "Systems Diagnostic Device" is written on the case in which the first cell for the Access Tuner is found.