Secret items

The Predator version of the secret items (left) and the Alien version (right).

The secret items are a collection of 13 items hidden throughout various missions in AVP: Evolution. There are 6 items found in Predator missions and 7 items found in Alien missions. The Predator version of the secret items resembles some kind of trophy and the Alien version is an Egg. Collecting all of items in the Predator missions unlocks a new Predator Special Bonus Mission and collecting all items in the Alien mission unlocks a new Alien Special Bonus Mission.



  • Predator Mission 3 - Crash Landing
  • Predator Mission 4 - Weapons Research
  • Predator Mission 5 - Restricted Facility
  • Predator Mission 6 - Power Out
  • Predator Mission 7 - Crash Site
  • Predator Mission 8 - Temple Descent


  • Alien Mission 3 - The Living Weapon
  • Alien Mission 4 - Alien Instincts
  • Alien Mission 5 - Sewers
  • Alien Mission 6 - APC Pursuit
  • Alien Mission 7 - Stalkers
  • Alien Mission 8 - Loading Facility
  • Alien Mission 9 - Temple Wars



Predator Mïission 3 - Crash LandingEdit

After fighting the first soldier with a shotgun, enter the room where you must press a button to open the doors. After entering the room, immediately turn left and use the switch to open the doors. Then turn right so that you are facing the door perpendicular to the door you entered the room from. Although it was initially locked, it will now be open and the secret item can be found in the middle of the outside area through the door.

Predator Mission 4 - Weapons ResearchEdit

After the battle with the two Smartgunners and killing the enemies in the outdoor area, enter the building and enter the room with the two combat synthetics and the scientist. Kill every enemy in the room and retrieve the Caster (or just approach the pedestal if the Caster does not appear). As soon as you exit the room turn right so that you are facing what appears to be a locked door. Although it was previously locked, retrieving the Caster unlocked it. Pass through the door and retrieve the item in the middle of the newly discovered room.

Predator Mission 5 - Restricted FacilityEdit

When you arrive in the area with the mines which require the use of Thermal Vision to see, do not attempt to cross the gap in the bridge. Drop down and avoid the mines as usual. When you use the elevator to reach the next floor, there will be another elevator at the other end of the room. Enter the elevator and activate the button which will open a door to the left (when facing the door from the elevator) of the one you entered the room from. Walk onto the bridge with the gap and rapidly press B to sprint across the bridge and cross the gap. Continue through the newly opened door to find the item siting in the middle of a room.

Predator Mission 6 - Power OutEdit

When you reach the tunnel which turning left in will activate the scene where you must run from Xenomorphs and make it through a door before it closes, turn right instead to find the item behind a semi-closed door.

Predator Mission 7 - Crash SiteEdit

After the area where you must avoid a Dropship, you will reach a large building. When facing the main entrance to the building, instead of going inside, turn right and go around the corner. Continue and you will find a door in the side of the building. Enter to find the item in the middle of a small room.

Predator Mission 8 - Temple DescentEdit

Once you reach the room with the four rotating pillars that open the door to the following area, align the pillars correctly and defeat the Warrior, Runner and the Falconer. After all enemies are eliminated and the door to the next area opens, the central platform which the three enemies initially entered the room in will then rise further and within is the item.


Alien Mission 3 - The Living WeaponEdit

After the first time freeing Drones, return to the hall just outside of the room where you freed the Facehuggers. As soon as you enter the hall, you should notice that the generator to the left can be activated. Activate it and turn around. A previously closed door will now be open, and the item is in the middle of the room through it.

Alien Mission 4 - Alien InstinctsEdit

When you reach the area with the broken elevator, climb the wall as usual. Instead of climbing through the vent in the wall, continue crawling the wall to the top of the shaft. Once at the platform at the top, jump off of the wall and walk to the other side of the platform. A switch floating in mid-air will be revealed. Activate it. Jump back onto the wall and climb the wall back down to the bottom platform of the shaft. Once at the bottom, jump off of the wall and proceed through the newly opened door. Proceed through the hall and turn left to find the item in the middle of a small room.

Alien Mission 5 - SewersEdit

At the beginning of the level in the room with the first Automated Sentry Gun, hug the railing to the left of the Sentry Gun (the railing is to the left when facing the front of the Sentry) to get behind it without being shot. Proceed through the seemingly closed door behind the Sentry to discover that it is actually open. The item is in the room behind the door.

Alien Mission 6 - APC Pursuit Edit

After the second APC drives away, crawl through the vent and emerge behind the Sentry Gun. A cloaked soldier will spawn in the left of the room on a slightly elevated platform. The item is behind the platform he spawned on. You will have to use the small ramp in front of the platform to dash over the elevated surface.

Alien Mission 7 - StalkersEdit

After climbing the mountain, defeat the all hostile Aliens. Instead of going through the hole in the stone to the next area, turn left and dash to where the Predators were standing. Continue along the ledge to the beginning of it. The item is right where the ledge starts (where you first enter the area), near a red flare.

Alien Mission 8 - Loading FacilityEdit

When you reach the room with the Dropship, climb the wall and go to the balcony with the red door (it's the balcony to the right when you enter the room). Jump off of the wall and enter the red door. The item is sitting in the middle of the room.

Alien Mission 9 - Temple WarsEdit

Right after you open the door after killing all the Aliens at the beginning of the level, go right up the stairs after exiting the hallway. Once you reach the top of the stairs, look right and you should see a tunnel that is elevated; you need to pounce off some debris nearby in order to get the item at the end of the tunnel.