Scott Kolins is an American comic book artist who worked on the comcis Predator: No Beast So Fierce and Predator: Primal for Dark Horse Comics. Kolins has been arguably one of the most active artists in the comics industry in the 2000s, working extensively for Marvel and DC Comics on various projects over the past decade. He is perhaps best known for his long run as regular artist on DC's The Flash.


Born in Seville, Spain while his father was stationed there with the US Air Force, Kolins' grew up in Wisconsin. His interest in drawing and comics began when he was around 10 years old as an avid comic book reader in the late 1970s.

In the 1980s, he worked under artist Dennis Jensen, and then under artists Kim Demulder and Bart Sears. In 1991 he went to New Jersey to study at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, which he attended for two years. He then got a job with Valiant Comics. He was then hired as a Romita Raider (in house art corrections under John Romita Sr.) at Marvel Comics where he worked as an artist from about 1992-1994.

Kolins then shifted over to DC Comics from about 1998-2003, and then back to Marvel Comics from 2003-2007. He finally announced leaving Marvel in 2007 and returned to his current spot with DC from 2008-2010.

At both Marvel and DC, Kolins has worked extensively with popular 2000s comics writer Geoff Johns. Kolins has also attended every San Diego Comic-Con for a decade or more.

Kolins is known for his tight, "clean" art style and for his production speed, capable of working on several titles at once without a loss of quality.

For Dark Horse, Kolins has also worked on the BPRD, KISS and Godzilla series.


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