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Scimed Tower
General information
Location Sevastopol Station
Chronological information
First appearance Alien: Isolation
Last appearance
The Scimed Tower was one of the three major towers on Sevastopol Station. It contained the San Cristobal Medical Facility, and was also where Seegson conducted repairs and maintenance on Sevastopol's compliment of Working Joe androids at Seegson Synthetics.


Most of the Scimed Tower consisted of the medical facilities of the San Cristobal Hospital, including its associated ambulance shuttle landing bays. However, Seegson also conducted maintenance on its androids in a series of laboratories located at the tower's summit. During the decommissioning of Sevastopol, Seegson Synthetics administration was an area in which many malfunctioning/broken Working Joes were dumped and abandoned, with Amanda regarding it as a "place where androids go to die."