"With Satan at its center, spawning demons."
Selkirk, regarding Satan sitting upon its throne in Aliens: Salvation

Satan is the Queen located on the planet PCW9512, leader of the Maru's Demons, and a symbolic fixture in Selkirk's remaining hours.


Not much is known about the Queen aside from the fact a Demon evolved into her since there was no Queen present during the cargo shipment. She stands at roughly 15 feet tall, possibly smaller as a result of her recent conception. Due to Selkirk remaining quiet, she was unaware of his presence in the hive. The last known thing she was seen doing was laying her eggs in solitude upon her throne, waiting for her children to bring more hosts.


  • Selkirk draws similarities to her and Satan due to the likeness of her lording over dead souls and entombed bodies. This quite similar to the Bible's description of Hell.