Sarah was a colonist on the planet Rim in 2179. She went on an expedition with her husband Russ, her two children, and family friend Gene Zendall. They investigated some strange signals and came across a strange crash site. As the three adults investigated the crash site and the dead pilot, Russ discovered egg-like structures in the craft and was subsequently attacked by a creature that was in the egg. Sarah dragged her husband back to the buggie and the children and her radioed for help. Sarah died during the Xenomorph infestation that ensued. Her daughter Billie was the sole survivor of the colony's population after being rescued by the surviving Marine, Corporal Wilks, that saved her. Billie was traumatized from the whole incident and would be haunted by her family's deaths well into her adulthood.


Behind the Scenes

Anne Jorden

Sarah was originally Anne Jorden before Newt was scripted to die in Alien3.

Since Billie was originally Newt from Aliens, Sarah was originally going to be Anne Jorden, Newt's mother. Newt was then scripted to die in Alien3 and the character was retconned into Billie as was the rest of the family.