Samuel Kadinsky was a male Human scientist who was an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. After a Human colony discovered a Hive of Xenomorphs, the corporation shifted its strategy from mining to research the creatures for the company's bioweapon program. This led to Dr. Kadinsky working with bioweapons executive Charles Gould in the study of the specimens.


His work on the creatures as well as forced implantation of Facehuggers on victims led to the creation of the K-Series; a genetically engineered as well as divergent breed of Xenomorphs for the corporations use. He also worked on the research on the Predators, which led him to create the impossible, a PredQueen. However his research angered the Ancient Yautja Council because it was considered defiling the Predator's lifecycle, the Predators invaded Kadinsky's research facility and kidnapped him. He was brought to a Predator ship and was tortured to death by the Predators for his crimes, his body was later found within the Predator ship by the Colonial Marines sent to rescue him.



  • He reused a generic scientist model.