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Stephani Danelle Perry is an American novelist who wrote the novel Aliens: The Female War with her father Steve Perry, as well as the novels Aliens: Labyrinth, Aliens: Berserker and Aliens: Criminal Enterprise. She also wrote the upcoming technical guide Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report.

S. D. Perry is currently living in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Myk, her two children Cyrus and Myk Jr, and their two dogs.[1][2] She mostly writes tie-in novels based on works in the fantasy/science-fiction/horror genre, including Resident Evil, Star Trek, Aliens and Predator. She has also written a handful of short stories and movie novelizations.[3]

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The novel focuses on plotting, character interaction, and small, well-planned strikes against Cardassians. Unlike many other Star Trek books, Night of the Wolves doesn't feature space battles or any large-scale battles at all. The characterization is superb, and so is author S.D. Perry's attention to the extant information from the television series.[5]


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