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Ryushi approach

Beta Cygni



Points of interest

Ryushi was a ranching planet at the edge of the Chigusa Corporation's holdings in the Beta Cygni system.

It had two suns - Cygni Minor and Cygni Major. Cygni Minor created a lot of interference, making it nearly impossible to get a message out from the planet while it was daylight.

Geographical featuresEdit

The entire planet was a desert. It had many canyons and flat areas, but almost no vegetation at all.

Terrain and ClimateEdit

Ryushi had harsh living conditions. It was very hot during the day, making it hard for vegetation, as well as all other living beings, to survive. The entire planet was a huge desert with some canyons. The planet had two suns, too, so finding a shadow was hard during the day.

The days on Ryushi lasted 33 hours, 19 of which were double-sunned. It was barely inhabitable.



Weyland-Yutani once tried to Settle on Ryushi, but they aborted the mission after complications caused by Xenomorphs and Yautja. Everyone who was sent on the mission left the planet after these complications except for one, Machiko Noguchi, who decided to stay for personal reasons.

At some point after the incident, a Marine ship received a distress signal from the planet, which also ended in a complete disaster.



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