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"Folks, we have scored big this time!"
Russ (from Aliens Special Edition)
Russ Jorden
Russ Jorden
Biographical information

Flag of United Americas American




Anne Jorden (wife)
Timmy Jorden (son)
Rebecca Jorden (daughter)

Physical description




Hair color

Light Brown

Chronological and political information

Hadley's Hope colony

Notable Facts

Rediscovered derelict on LV-426.
Host to the first Xenomorph of the Hadley's Hope infestation.[1]


Deceased[1] as of June 23rd, 2179.[2]

Portrayed by

Jay Benedict


Russell "Russ" Jorden[3] was Rebecca Jorden's father and one of the Hadley's Hope colonists on Acheron. In 2179 Russ, along with his wife Anne, son Timmy and daughter Rebecca, was one of the first people to discover the derelict ship on the planet.

Russ was the first colonist to become impregnated by a Facehugger, and as such it was he who triggered the Xenomorph infestation that destroyed the colony. He died when the Chestburster erupted from his chest.


"Shouldn't we call in?"
"Let's wait until we know what to call it in as..."
Anne Jorden to Russ, regarding the derelict (from Aliens Special Edition)

Colony administrator Al Simpson sent Russ and Anne Jorden to investigate a set of coordinates out beyond the colony on the vague orders of Carter Burke back on Earth. After ensuring anything they found was theirs to salvage, Russ, Anne and their children Timmy and Newt discovered the ancient Engineer ship crashed on the moon's surface. Eager to investigate what they had found, Russ and Anne went inside the derelict spacecraft while their children remained on board their tractor outside.

Within the ship, the Jordens discovered the cargo of Xenomorph Eggs and Russ was attacked and subdued by a Facehugger. After his terrified wife dragged him back to their vehicle and radioed for help, Russ was taken to the med lab at Hadley's Hope.[4] Once the Facehugger had implanted its embryo and died, Russ was confined to the medical facility out of fears for his health, while the Facehugger itself was studied by the colony's medical staff.[4] 24 hours after he was first attacked, the Chestburster inside Russ hatched, brutally killing him in front of his wife, and also his children, who were secretly watching from a nearby ventilation shaft.[4]


  • Russ Jorden and the rest of his family (excluding Newt) were cut from the theatrical release of Aliens when the studio complained that the film was too long. The scene featuring him was later reinstated for the extended Special Edition.
  • Russ was originally to appear in flashbacks in Mark Verheiden's Aliens comic series that dealt with his daughter, but when Newt was scripted to die in Alien3 Jorden's character was retconned into a different Russ.
  • As Russ was the first colonist to be impregnated, it has been theorized by some that he may have given birth to the Queen on LV-426.



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