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Rucker was a Smartgun operator and member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a 31 marine platoon under the command of Captain Paget, aboard the combat ship Hasdrubal that landed on the planet Tartarus, kick-starting a massive series of events that led to an all out battle for survival against the Yautja species, Xenomorph organisms and the godlike Engineers.


Rucker was part of Sergeant Roth's squad when landing on Tartaturs. After the squad finds a survivor, Seegson asset-stripper Laurence Goode, Captain Paget orders Roth and his squad to go out on a search party and look for any remaining survivors. After Rucker's overconfident boasting, Roth splits up the team, with Rucker, Stefopoulos, Lee and Bonito, to sweep the left.

Predator ambush


Rucker accidentally shoots Lee.

Near the end of the patrol, Stefopoulos reports in with nothing found and is suddenly ambushed and killed by a Yautja, the Hive Wars Predator. As Rucker begins opening fire with his M56 Smartgun, the Predator throws Stefopoulos' lifeless body at him and topples him and swiftly kills Bonito and attacks Lee. As Rucker stands up and continues firing at the hunter, his line of fire accidentally directing into Lee, killing her. Rucker contacts Roth and tells him he is under attack. Rucker eventually manages to catch the Predator in cloak and fatally wound it. As Roth stands over the injured hunter, he sees it smiling. He turns around and sees the Cracked Tusk Predator and numerous other hunters surrounding him.

Roth and the squad eventually manage to find Rucker and send the hunters into a retreat. The whole marine platoon regroup at a Seegson excavation site that the marines had previously found. Rucker is seen sulking, mourning over the death of his ally. Roth approaches him and tells him he knows he shot Lee. Rucker admits to this. Roth forgives Rucker and decides not to tell Paget.

Plan to secure the derelict

Paget decides to send Sergeant Roth and his team consisting of Jhalil, Freebody, Rucker, Singer, Wearing and others into one of their dropships to fly over to the Engineer ship and secure the interior whilst Paget's team approaches the vessel by foot, attempting to sweep the forest using M314 Motion Trackers to flush out the hunters. However, the Elder Cracked Tusk Predator ambushes the dropship and manages to crash it. As the dropship crashes near the quarters of the Engineer vessel, Cracked Tusk grabs Singer, but Rucker manages to save Singer by shooting at the hunter, sending it into a retreat. Roth's squad enters the interior of the vessel and eventually come across the cockpit, containing a sarcophagus-like object. Singer suggests that he would be able to get the ship operational and have the ship leave Tartarus and abandon the Predators.

The Cracked Tusk Predator, unbeknownst to the other marines, was observing them withing the derelict and called for the Predators who were battling Paget's crew to retreat back to the vessel to stop them from lifting it. The Cracked Tusk Predator ambushes the squad a second time but is finally managed to be killed by Humble by shooting it with a Pulse rifle after it's Wristblades get stuck by accidentally lunging it into the sarcophagus. Singer manages to get the ship operational and plans to send it to the nearest USCM facility, Ganymede station.

Awakening the Engineer

As Singer was attempting to contact the Hasdrubal, fellow marine Indelicato inspected a sarcophagus-like object that was previously hit during the fight with the Predator. The sarcophagus opens and an Engineer emerges from stasis. The Engineer is immediatley hostile and kills Indelicato and sends the others into a retreat. The marines are forced to hide from the Engineer as it begins taking control of the ship and directing it somewhere else.

Landing on LV-223 and Xenomorph ambush

T18 (1)

Rucker being dragged into the thicket.

Six days later, the derelict lands on the moon LV-223. The Engineer walks out of the vehicle and the marines quickly follow once it is out of sight. During their exploration of the planet, searching for food, water and shelter, Freebody notices movement with her tracker within a thicket. Rucker slowly approaches the thicket with the marines covering him. He is suddenly grabbed by a Xenomorph and dragged into the thicket, as the rest of the group are ambushed by a horde of Xenomorphs.

Inside the hive and death


Rucker sees the Queen.

Rucker later wakes up inside a Xenomorph hive and stuck to the wall. As he is stricken with panic, he sees the hive's Queen a few feet away from him. He then looks to his right and sees a Facehugger, moments before pouncing onto him.

Sometime later, after Geryon survivor Chris Hanlock is also taken to the hive, she sees Rucker, barely alive. He suddenly gives birth to a chestburster, though the creature is incredibly deformed and dies only a few seconds later. Chris uses Rucker's headset to contact the other marines and deduce that something is wrong with the hive, and that the Xenomorphs may be ill or dying.