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Thomas Murphy finds a dead Royal Facehugger
Royal Facehugger
Biological information

Xenomorph Prime and potentially any other planets

Physical description


Skin color

Darker, flat tone brown


Webbed claws, has the ability to implant multiple hosts (one with a Queen)

Other information


Other Names

Super Facehugger, Queen Facehugger


The Royal Facehugger, also known as the Super Facehugger[1] or Queen Facehugger, is a special variant of Facehugger that carries the embryo of a Queen. While there is some debate as to how Queen Xenomorphs are created, one possible route involves a Royal Facehugger impregnating a host with a Queen Chestburster. Notably, Royal Facehuggers are capable of implanting more than one embryo into multiple hosts before they die.[2]


Royal Facehuggers, like all other Facehuggers, come from Eggs laid by Queens, although they are somewhat larger and possess armor and a bladed tail to help them protect the unborn Queen they carry inside. They also have webbed digits and a dark brown coloration.[1] Most notably, a Royal Facehugger is capable of impregnating at least two separate victims with Chestbursters (one with an infant Queen, the other with a typical Xenomorph) and the Facehugger does not die until both of these embryos have been implanted. Exactly how long a Royal Facehugger can survive after impregnating its first host is not known; however, the specimen on Fiorina "Fury" 161 survived for some time between impregnating Ellen Ripley aboard the USS Sulaco and attacking Babe the ox on the planet's surface.[2]


The Royal Facehugger has only appeared once on-screen, and very briefly, in the Assembly Cut of Alien3. The egg hidden aboard the USS Sulaco contained a Royal Facehugger, which infiltrated the ship and impregnated Ripley with a Queen while she was in hypersleep. Later on Fiorina 161, the Royal Facehugger impregnated an ox with a second Xenomorph which would later develop into the Dragon. After impregnating the ox, the Facehugger died. The Facehugger is only seen for a few seconds on-screen when one of the prisoners, Murphy finds the dead creature alongside the ox's corpse when the latter is taken to the prison slaughterhouse.

In the special features included on the Alien3 DVD and Blu-ray, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. discuss this "Super Facehugger" and point out that they had taken design inspiration for the creature from the Xenomorph Queen. They also consider it to be the creature that implanted the Queen embryo inside Ripley.[1]

However, when Alien3 was released in cinemas, the scene featuring the Royal Facehugger was completely removed. This left it unclear how two Xenomorphs came to be on the planet, as only one Egg is seen and traditionally Facehuggers have died as soon as their job of implanting a Xenomorph embryo is complete, and also rendered the canon status of the alternate Facehugger debatable. However, the Royal Facehugger reappeared in the novel Alien: Sea of Sorrows, its appearance described as akin to that created for Alien3.[3]


The Queen Facehugger's appearance in the comics is very different to the one in Alien3, likely because the Assembly Cut of the film featuring the creature had yet to be released. Royal Facehuggers in the comic have the same color as normal Facehuggers but possess spikes on their backs and have spots on their air bladders. They have appeared in several comic books including Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species, but all share the same appearance.


AVP-Comic Queen Facehugger

A Queen Facehugger Seen in an AvP comic

  • Being a "Super" Facehugger, it is presumably stronger and more resilient than regular Facehuggers, and is likely more intelligent (evidenced by its ability to stay concealed for some time between impregnating hosts in Alien3).
  • Royal Facehugger's are able to impregnate at least two hosts, presumably to provide the fledgling Queen with an immediate "bodyguard" in the form of a normal Xenomorph Drone.
  • Notably, the Royal Facehugger does not appear in Stasis Interrupted, which recreates the beginning of Alien3, including Ripley being impregnated aboard the Sulaco (by a regular Facehugger).
  • In the AvP games, a Drone/Warrior is shown to be capable of molting into a Queen if there is no Queen currently alive (examples include Specimen 6).[4] This change has alternately been shown as direct or involving an intermediate Praetorian stage. This method of Queen creation bypasses the need for a Royal Facehugger and Queen embryo altogether. The Predalien in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is also shown molting, however it remains unclear if it was a Drone/Warrior before molting or if it was a Queen from "birth", like the Chestburster inside Ripley in Alien3.



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