"You want to run off like Ross?"
Waits, to Turner
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Deceased of 2137


Ross was aboard Sevastopol Station in 2137. After a Xenomorph Drone got aboard Sevastopol in 2137, Ross was part of Marshal Waits' team who were trying to hunt down the Drone, but eventually left the team. He was later accidentally shot by Clark, mistaking him for the Drone, but survived. However, the actual Xenomorph shortly showed up, presumably killing Ross.


Waits' team

Sometime after a Xenomorph Drone got aboard Sevastopol Station in 2137, Ross was part of Colonial Marshal Waits' team aboard the station, but he eventually left the team. When Waits and the rest of his team investigated a sighting of the Drone and Turner began questioning the mission, Waits asked if he wanted to run off like Ross had.


"Oh God! Noooooo! Aghhh!"
―Ross screaming as the Drone presumably kills him

Later, Ross was carrying a bag of firearms in a hall in habitation when Clark, mistaking him for the Xenomorph, shot Ross a few times with a revolver. Ross fell to the ground, dropping his bag, but was still alive. Clark, thinking Ross was dead, took his bag, reasoning that he wouldn't need them anymore. However, as Clark was about to enter Elevator C-3 in the hall, Ross began coughing and asked Clark to help him. However, the Drone showed up behind Ross, and he began trying to crawl away and shout at Clark to not leave him and help. Clark ignored Ross' pleas and entered the elevator, hearing Ross screaming behind him.