The three Ronin stand over the body of their master as Scarface approaches them.

The Ronin Bodyguard was Lucretia Borgia's personal bodyguards. The Ronin were a triad of samurai trained warriors, each armed with an advanced mono-katana made from Yautja technology that the Yautja, Scarface, had left behind in 1930 during his New Way City hunt.

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Scarface's POV as the Ronin battle Hunter Borgia.

  The three Ronin differentiated themselves by each wearing a different color; red, blue, and green. The Ronin were supposedly skilled in "Ten thousand ways to kill", and they frequently proved this when they dealt with threats to their mistress, Lucretia. They were sworn to die if it was needed to protect Lucretia, and they had the chance to prove it when Hunter Borgia had apparently killed his daughter in his blind fury. The Ronin aided Scarface in his battle against Hunter, and depending on how well Scarface fought and hurt Hunter, they either died or some or all of them lived.