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Roger Petersen is an American comic book artist who worked on the comic Predator: Kindred for Dark Horse Comics (credited under the pseudonym Roger Peterson).


Grandson of noted American horror, war, superhero cartoonist the late George Evans (of EC Comics, DC comics and comic strip fame), Petersen would go on to serve a major horror comics creator in his own right as artist of DC Comics' main horror title Swamp Thing in 2000.

Evans also provided artwork to the revival of the indie horror series Death Rattle in 1995, for a story of Michael Chabon's Escapist series for Dark Horse in 2004, and to the to the 2006 indie love comic anthology release Project: Romantic, among other works.

He was also co-creator as artist with fellow Predator comics contributor writer Mark Schultz on the four-part Subhuman series for Dark Horse in 1999, and was credited as one of the artists of the title cover page for the reprint of the story Aliens: Elder Gods featured in Aliens Omnibus: Volume 6.


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