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Rob Walton is a Candian comic book artist who worked on the story Predator: God's Truth for Dark Horse Comics.


Walton was formerly a Master's student in Theology before turning to work in the comics field. He started out working at a Toronto comic book shop and then began as an artist on the Pork Knight and Bloodlines serieses with indy publishers Aircel and later Vortex comics.

He then went to work for Dark Horse comics collaborating with Grendel creator Matt Wagner for the Devil's Hammer installment of the Grendel Tales anthology series.

Most recently Walton worked on his own 464-page graphic novel, Ragmop in 2006.

Walton has also worked in animation and storyboarding on such projects as the popular Nickelodian children's show The Backyardigans, and others.


External LinksEdit

Rob Walton's official website:

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