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The Rhino Alien is a large Xenomorph variant, created when a Facehugger impregnates a rhinoceros or a similiar creature (like rhynth).[citation needed] Like its host, it sports a muscular stature, as well as a pair of large horns which it presumably uses as a means of attack or defense.

Role in the HiveEdit

The Rhino Alien's place in the Hive is unknown, but given its large stature and hard carapace it could be a Warrior or a Defender of some type. Its rank is probably above a Warriors and below a Praetorian.

The Rhino Alien has a similar demeanor to the Bull Alien and the Crusher (from the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines) due to the fact that they are all extremely aggressive and they all ram into their enemies with their massive heads.



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