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Razor Claws
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Razor Claws are a large breed of Xenomorph with a purple coloration and large, sharp claws on its fingers.

Description Edit

It is known for its unusually great speed for it's size, making it hard to defeat or even keep up with. It is fond of using that speed to make dashing attacks in which it uses its namesakes to cause massive damage and slice its victims in half. The birth of the Razor Claws was a result of a genetic malfunction in the cocoon process.


During the Xenomorph infestation in San Drad, the Razor Claws lead a horde of Xenomorph Warriors into the city and slaughtered the Marines stationed there, which resulted in injuring cyborg Major Dutch Schaefer's friend Kevin in the process. Dutch, another cyborg named Linn Kurosawa, and two Predators later faced this monstrosity and together they manage to defeat it.


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