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Biological information
  • Any world
  • Stored in Bio-Imperative database
Physical description



Hull blades in place of digits
Kills outright instead of incapacitating
Can outmatch a Queen
Can outmatch an Exo-Suit
Only Roars -- does not shriek like typical Xeno

Other information



The Ravager is presumed to be the Xenomorph evolutionary response to the heavier military equipment brought to bear by more advanced species. This massive beast towers above other xenomorphs and has a uniquely terrifying presence in battle. Instead of just having hands, its upper extremities terminate in "hull blades" capable of easily slicing through even advanced armors and metals. A Ravager is developed from a Praetorian.


The Ravager possessed two diamond-hard chitinous blades that are sharp enough to slice through starship hulls. No terrestrial nor extraterrestrial armor is capable of resisting them, making the creature adept at tearing apart heavily armored targets. Worse, the Ravager intelligently strikes the weak points of its enemies, meaning that it typically seeks to decapitate. The Ravager is unique among xenomorphs in that it kills its prey outright, instead of capturing them to be brought back for impregnation.

Ravagers are terrifyingly powerful aliens who are arguably stronger than even the Queen, who is only capable of deducting 75 hp per hit versus the Ravagers 200. It would take roughly 13 hits from a Queen to fell a ravager, but just 7 from a ravager to fell a Queen.


The Colossal Ravager, the evolution of a Ravager, develops new abilities.

  • A Colossal Resilience to damage including Energy and Heat based weapons, and an immunity to all weapons but heavy caliber weapons because of a new chitinous shell that has formed over the skin.
  • An ability to perform a rapid internal restorative process called regenesis. Regenesis causes a severely damaged Ravager to enter a cataleptic state instead of dying. If a cataleptic Ravager avoids sufficient additional damage, it rapidly rebuilds itself and returns to battle. Decapitated Ravagers can not enter regenesis, nor can a Ravager succeed in its restoration if attacked with fire based weapons.


  • Pros: The Ravager excels at dismantling anything it encounters, even heavily armored targets. Since the Ravager kills prey outright, it is a particularly good choice for uses against enemies that can not be impregnated. When upgraded, the Ravager is best used in conjunction with other xenomorphs. This way, enemies must focus on a number of targets, often enabling slain Ravagers to successfully complete the regenesis process and return to battle.
  • Cons: The Ravager kills its prey rather than rendering it comatose, so it is a poor choice when the hive is in dire need of viable hosts. The Ravager should avoid fire based weapons, since this prevents the creature from triggering regenesis when upgraded. Predator Vanguards are also to be avoided, since their Dark Plasma scythes can frequently kill a Ravager quickly enough to prevent it from undergoing regenesis.


Its skin is usually a dark blue colour. When not in battle the ravager flicks its blades, this movement would suggest an almost mechanical movement as the blade comes into almost direct contact with the wrist. The Ravager resembles the appearance of a Warrior but is two times the size and has blades for hands. The Colossal Ravager is even bigger and has more blades, fins, and spikes on its body.

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