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Raphael Adolini 1715

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Raphael Adolini 1715
Production information



Flintlock pistol

Technical specifications
Feed System


Fire Mode(s)

Single shot


Flintlock mechanism




Raphael Adolini


The inscription on Adolini's pistol.

Raphael Adolini 1715 refers to a Spanish-made flintlock pistol manufactured in 1715, owned by the pirate captain Raphael Adolini.


In 1718, Raphael Adolini was shot by one of his crew members. As the rebels were killed by a Yautja, Adolini gave his pistol to the creature in gratitude. Over 200 years later, in 1997, Mike Harrigan received the pistol as a form of trophy from the same Predator, after killing the City Hunter in an honorable match.

Pirates and PredatorsEdit

Dropping anchor at an island in Guinea in 1718, Adolini who was the Captain of the small band of pirates suddenly faced mutiny over a stolen case of gold which was destined for a church. Adolini wanted the gold returned, much to the anger of his crew who turned against him. In the following battle, a watching Yautja joined the fray and fought back-to-back with Adolini - attacking the rebellious crew with an extendable sword.

In the climactic scene, with the crew dead and the Predator and Captain about to battle mano a mano, Adolini is suddenly shot in the back by the last member of his crew, who was in hiding.

Denied his trophy, the Yautja angrily blasts the final crewman to death. With his dying breath, Adolini whispers 'take it...' to the Predator, throwing him his beautifully engraved pistol. With the Captain half way dead, the Yautja takes a moment to think about this battle - and with some curious respect, leaves the dead Adolini his extendable sword... 'Take it.'

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