The Queen (Mortal Kombat X) is a Xenomorph Queen who appears in the video game Mortal Kombat X along with the Tarkatan Xenomorph.


The Queen will arrive once the opponent has been defeated twice and is vulnerable to a finishing move. Using the Tarkatan Xenomorph, the player performs the "Killer Queen" fatality. The Queen will appear and impale the opponent through the chest with her tail. After lifting them up she will brutally rip their upper body and lower body apart.


  • The Queen may be the source of every other Xenomorph in the game before the Outworld Queen was spawned and may even be the founder of the Outworld Hive.
  • Oddly, the Queen lacks the secondary arms usually associated with most Queens and also lacks the back spines of a Queen. This could raise the idea that the Xeno is just a Praetorian who hasn't yet fully evolved and matured into a Queen. However, these traits are more likely to be design oversights.
  • The method in which the Queen kills an opponent is a direct reference to the movie Aliens in which the First Acheron Queen decapitates the android Bishop in the same fashion.