A Xenomorph Queen was the leader head of a Hive on the moon LV-223. Due to its distinctions from normal Queens, it is unknown whether the Queen was born from a different creature on the moon, or whether the Queen was born from a human and simply mutated due to Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15.


The Queen was either born from one of the creatures native to the moon or was born from a human and later mutated from the black liquid. The Queen is first seen by Rucker, who was taken by the Xenomorphs into the hive. Fellow survivor Chris Hanlock is later also taken to the hive and then impregnated by a Queen Chestburster. The Queen closely surveys Chris to keep her safe from any trouble.

Captain Paget and numerous marines, as well as Chris' wife Jill, set out on a rescue mission for her. Upon landing on the moon, they are ambushed by the Xenomorphs present and are quickly overrun. Chris manages to obtain a grenade and threaten to blow herself up unless the Queen pulls her forces. It complies and the Xenomorphs retreat.


The Queen attacks the Engineer.

The marines are later attacked by an Engineer, who was woken up from stasis to purge all life on the moon. The marines' dwindling forces try to fight back against the superior being but to no avail. Chris manages to convince the Queen into recognizing that the Engineer is an incredibly dangerous threat to her, Chris and the hive, and to personally distinguish the threat. As the Engineer slaughters the marines, the Queen suddenly erupts from the ground beneath it and immediately attacks it. After an ensuing battle, the Queen manages to impale its tail through the Engineer, presumably killing it, as the marines escape.

It is implied, though not confirmed, that the Queen later dies, with the Xenomorphs setting out to retrieve Chris and their new Queen.


Aliens Book Two 3

Aliens: Nightmare Asylum #3.

  • The Queen's appearance on the front cover of Aliens: Life and Death #4 is incredibly similar to that of the Queen depicted on the cover of Aliens: Nightmare Asylum #3; in fact, it is a virtual mirror image of it. This is quite possibly an intentional homage.