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"In all of human history there is no creature more deadly, more hated, more feared, than an Alien Queen. She is nighmare incarnate, the devil made flesh."
Caryn Delacroix (from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species)
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Queen/Queen Mother

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Defeated the King
Assisted in destroying the TecSeks




A Queen with some connection to Caryn Delacroix and repeatedly appears before the woman in dreams, simulations, and finally in the flesh. She holds Big Mama captive, prompting Caryn to go looking for her. Unlike other humans, she and Caryn have a special connection.


The Queen is a part of the simulation TOY puts Caryn through and, like Big Mama, tries to hunt Caryn down. The Queen herself is old. Caryn Knows this and decides to infect herself with the Queen's last remaining royal egg, forcing the Queen to be somewhat cooperative with Caryn's allies. The Queen defeats the TecSeks that come after them and later fights the White hybrid. While cocooned, the queen is impregnated by a white hybrid facehugger. Later on, during a battle with the Hybrid King, the queen ends the fight by grabbing hold of the King and placing him in front of her chest as the chestburster erupts, killing them both.


  • Said to have been a legend, she is referred to as a the mother queen, the queen of queens, and the great mother, thus her status as a simple Queen Alien is questionable.
  • This Queen appears to be particularly intelligent and even harbor a tolerance or even fondness for Caryn. The reason for this is unknown, however Caryn refers to her as "mother".


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