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This article is about the Yautja/human structures. For the structure cut from Alien during production, see Egg Silo

Yautja Pyramids.

Pyramids are large structures originally designed and constructed by the Yautja. Yautja Pyramids are typically used as breeding grounds for Xenomorphs, which are also hunted within the structures. They have also been constructed to honor particularly worthy Predators who have died, either in battle or of natural causes.[1] Many structures found on Yautja Prime have pyramid-like designs.


The centerpiece of any Pyramid is the Xenomorph Queen imprisoned at its core. These Queens, captured by the Yautja, are used to produce Eggs that are then used to impregnate hosts brought to a special sacrificial chamber (sometimes willingly) within the structure. Once enough Xenomorphs are bred, the Predators then descend into the Pyramid's many chambers and passageways to battle the creatures. The Pyramids' design, including many tight and enclosed spaces in which the Xenomorphs were most lethal, served to heighten the challenge of the Hunt. Once the Xenomorphs were slain, the Predators would put the Queen into a form of stasis until the next great Hunt, typically occurring every 100 years.[2]

While every Pyramid varies in size and shape, they typically consist of the large Queen's chamber at their centre, with numerous other shafts and tunnels leading down to it. These passageways are sometimes able to spontaneously rearrange themselves in order to create a shifting battleground in which to Hunt.[2] As Yautja see through infra-red, the inside of the Pyramid is rarely illuminated. Other major internal areas include the sacrificial chamber where hosts are impregnated by Facehuggers, as well as a locked sarcophagus containing Predator plasma-based weaponry, which when opened cause the pyramid's walls to shift every few minutes.

Pyramids are typically covered in pictograms depicting Yautja society, mainly great Hunts of the past and with particular reference to the Xenomorphs.[1] Skulls of honourable prey are also often displayed inside the structures. Some Pyramids may contain tombs for honored Ancient Yautja, and may even contain the bodies of particularly revered Xenomorph Queens.[1]

Pyramids are able to be destroyed using a Predator's Self-Destruct Device. When detonated at the heart of the structure, the resulting blast will incinerate not only the Pyramid itself, but much of the surrounding area as well.[2]


10,000 years ago, Predators discovered Earth and taught the primitive peoples there how to construct Pyramids, thus explaining why so many ancient human civilizations — including the Aztecs, Mayans, Zapotecs, ancient Egyptians and many other cultures — built such surprisingly similar structures. The Predators were often worshipped as Gods by the peoples they encountered; indeed, the Aztecs actively and willingly sacrificed people as hosts when the Predators returned to conduct a great Hunt.[2]

These Hunts often provided Young Blood Predators the opportunity to prove their honor, serving as a rite of passage into adulthood.



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