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The cover of the UK eight-disc edition box set.

Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution is a 2012 nine to five-disc (depending on the version) Blu-ray/DVD box set containing the films Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection and Prometheus. It was released only in the United Kingdom and Japan.

The set was available in several different editions that contained varying content. However, with the exception of the physical memorabilia included in the Deluxe version and the set's new packaging, all of the content had been released previously in other home video releases, specifically the Alien Anthology Blu-ray box set and the Prometheus: Collector's Edition Blu-ray set.

The box set was released on December 10, 2012 in the UK[1] and June 5, 2013 in Japan.[2]


The set is available in four different versions:

  • Five-disc DVD set — containing the theatrical versions of the five films.
  • Eight-disc Blu-ray set — containing the theatrical versions of the five films, plus the alternate cuts of the four Alien films (the Alien Director's Cut, the Aliens Special Edition, the Alien3 Special Edition and the Alien Resurrection Special Edition) and three discs of special features.
  • Nine-disc Blu-ray set — containing the theatrical versions of the five films, the alternate cuts of the four Alien films and three discs of special features, plus the 3D version of Prometheus.
  • Deluxe nine-disc Blu-ray set — containing all of the above, plus a host of other memorabilia including an art book and a t-shirt.

Apart from the memorabilia in the deluxe release, none of the material included in the set is new — the six Blu-ray discs dedicated to the Alien films and the MU-TH-UR Mode Viewer's Guide are essentially the same as those previously released in the Alien Anthology box set, while the Prometheus discs are taken from the film's Collector's Edition release.

Deluxe nine-disc edition


The contents of the deluxe nine-disc set.

The deluxe edition 9-disc Blu-ray set released in the United Kingdom came packaged with a host of other exclusive merchandise packaged in a sturdy cardboard case, the front of which opens like a book and is secured closed by a magnet. As well as the Blu-ray discs, the set includes an exclusive Weyland Corp t-shirt, featuring a quote ("WE are the Gods now") from Peter Weyland on the front beneath the Weyland Corp logo, an A3-size poster for Prometheus, artcards featuring poster and concept artwork from the five films and an exclusive book extract from Prometheus: The Art of the Film.

Contents (Nine-Disc Blu-ray Release)

Disc 1: Prometheus 2D

Disc 2: Prometheus 3D

  • 3D version of Prometheus

Disc 3: Prometheus bonus features

  • The Furious Gods: Making Prometheus
  • Enhancement Pods
  • Weyland Corp Archive
    • Original Ridley Scott storyboards and notes
    • Previsualizations
    • Noomi Rapace screen test
    • Juggernaut set construction time-lapse video
    • 9 promotional featurettes
    • HBO First Look: Prometheus documentary
    • Trailers and TV spots
    • Production image galleries

Disc 4: Alien

Disc 5: Aliens

Disc 6: Alien3

Disc 7: Alien Resurrection

Disc 8: Making the Anthology

Disc 9: The Anthology Archives

  • Alien
    • First draft screenplay by Dan O'Bannon
    • Original Ridley Scott storyboards and notes
    • Storyboard archive
    • Sigourney Weaver screen tests
    • Multi-angle Chestburster sequence
    • Video graphics gallery
    • 7 deleted scenes:
    • The Alien Legacy documentary
    • Experience in Terror documentary
    • American Cinematheque Ridley Scott Q&A session
    • LaserDisc archive
    • Trailers and TV spots
    • Production and promotional image galleries
  • Aliens
  • Alien3
    • Storyboard archive
    • Arceon concept art from Vincent Ward's Alien III
    • Furnace set construction time-lapse video
    • Multi-angle EEV bioscan footage
    • Alien3 promotional featurette
    • The Making of Alien3 documentary
    • Trailers and TV spots
    • Production and promotional image galleries
  • Alien Resurrection
  • Anthology
    • Alien Evolution documentary (2001 original TV version)
    • Alien Evolution documentary (2003 Alien re-edit)
    • The Alien Saga documentary
    • Aliens in the Basement: The Bob Burns Collection documentary
    • Aliens 3D attraction script and concept art
    • Family Guy and Spaceballs parody clips
    • Dark Horse Comics cover gallery
    • Patches and logos gallery
  • MU-TH-UR Mode interactive experience

Other contents

  • Prometheus digital copy
  • MU-TH-UR Mode viewer's guide booklet

*The deleted and extended scenes found on discs four to seven are in fact merely the additional scenes added in the alternate cuts of the four Alien movies. In the case of Alien, this means some of these scenes have been edited from originally filmed version.



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