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Prometheus Score
Composed by Marc Streitenfeld
Harry Gregson-Williams
Label Sony Masterworks
Release date(s) May 15, 2012
Length 57:07
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Prometheus is the soundtrack album to the 2012 motion picture Prometheus, composed by Marc Streitenfeld, with additional cues by Harry Gregson-Williams.


Streitenfeld is a frequent collaborator with Ridley Scott, and his work on Prometheus marks the fifth time he composed score music for a Scott film. Streitenfeld began developing ideas after reading the script prior to the commencement of filming. The score was recorded over one week with a 90-piece orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, where it was also processed by Scott after the fact.To create an "unsettling" sound, the music sheets for some segments of the score were written backwards, and Streitenfeld would then digitally flip the recorded music afterwards.[1] According to Streitenfeld, "It was quite challenging! After a while the players knew what it was, and I even tried to phrase things differently in a forward recording so when you flip it there's a different expression and dynamic – the way I wanted it. It takes a while to get your head around to actually being able to comment on what they're playing at the moment because it's going to be in a different position, it's going to be at the beginning of a note and not at the ending."[1]

A small amount of additional music on the soundtrack was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, although his input was minimal and he was not credited in the film for his work. He was, however, credited as composer for this material on the soundtrack album.

Track ListingEdit

All tracks composed by Marc Streitenfeld, except as noted.

  1. "A Planet" — 2:36
  2. "Going In" — 2:06
  3. "Engineers" — 2:32
  4. "Life" — 2:33 (Harry Gregson-Williams)
  5. "Weyland" — 2:07
  6. "Discovery" — 2:35
  7. "Not Human" — 1:51
  8. "Too Close" — 3:23
  9. "Try Harder" — 2:04
  10. "David" — 3:02
  11. "Hammerpede" — 2:46
  12. "We Were Right" — 2:45 (Gregson-Williams)
  13. "Earth" — 2:38 (Gregson-Williams)
  14. "Infected" — 1:59
  15. "Hyper Sleep" — 2:03
  16. "Small Beginnings" — 2:14
  17. "Hello Mommy" — 2:06
  18. "Friend from the Past" — 1:16
  19. "Dazed" — 4:32
  20. "Space Jockey" — 1:32
  21. "Collision" — 3:08
  22. "Debris" — 0:47
  23. "Planting the Seed" — 1:38
  24. "Invitation" — 2:18
  25. "Birth" — 1:26



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