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The NECA Prometheus toys were a 2012 line of action figures and accessories based on the 2012 film Prometheus. A total of three series were released before the toy line was cancelled in 2013. Series 3 was originally going to consist of Elizabeth Shaw in her compression suit as well as a mutated Fifield and infected Holloway, but due to poor sales NECA decided to cancel production of the two characters and replace them with Engineer holograms, re-using the same models from series 1 but recast in different material. The toy-line was later revitalized when NECA announced a fourth series that included the cancelled Shaw and Fifield as well as a new Meredith Vickers figure.


Series 1Edit

  • Engineer (Chair Suit)
  • Engineer (Pressure Suit)

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Series 4Edit




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