"But what I haven't said... ... is that I've been researching this mission for, well, a long time, and I've discovered that in 2090, Sir Peter Weyland sent a probe to LV-223"
Probe LV-223

The probe before crashing into LV-223.

A Weyland Corp probe was sent to LV-223 in 2090 by Peter Weyland while he was searching for the Engineers. On April 4, 2090 at 10:27 a.m., Earth central time, the probe was near Calpamos, with LV-223 in sight. Once the probe entered LV-223's atmosphere, it began reading statistics about LV-223, but it got to close to the surface of LV-223 on April 7, 2090 at 7:16 a.m., Earth central time, and its lights turned red and its collision warning activated. It was then stepped on by an Engineer, destroying the probe. Over time, the probe became buried by dirt.