The Primary Operations Complex (POC) is a base located on LV-1201, it is where the Alien campaign of Aliens versus Predator 2 starts as Eggs are brought there in containers, one such container is placed on a counter improperly and as a result it falls off, causing the egg inside to open which releases the facehugger and starts the infestation incident on LV-1201.


A Weyland-Yutani team led by Dr. Arnaud Eisenberg and General Vassili Rykov arrived on the planet and established the POC and the FOP. Humans working for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colonized LV-1201 some time in the early 2200s. Their presence centered around the Primary Operations Complex, a large colony with a population of over 1000 people. The POC possessed a landing field large enough to accept a small interstellar freighter; north and south landing bays for shuttles and dropships; housing for research animals including dogs, cats, and monkeys; its own sewer and water reclamation system; garages and maintenance areas; a cafeteria; an auxiliary generator; and residential areas. Following the destruction of Forward Observation Pod 5, several areas were converted for xenomorph research.

The POC was connected by a series of tunnels to the Forward Observation Pods, a cluster of cylindrical structures suspended over a canyon by struts and supports spanning the breadth of the chasm. Six pods were originally built, but Pod 5 was severed from the cluster and allowed to fall to the canyon floor to prevent a xenomorph infestation from spreading to the other pods. The pods can access the canyon floor via lift platforms suspended from their undersides. These lifts dock at enormous cargo bays occupying several floors of the pods. The pods house the majority of the planet's xenomorph research facilities, as well as areas dedicated to researching the planet's indigenous flora and the relics of the Engineers. Several laboratories were used to research the Predators and their technology when they were encountered. The pods also contain residential areas. Pod 5 contained residences, an auxiliary generator, a morgue, and a "water-walk" used to pump in potable drinking water from beyond the canyon before it was destroyed.

The Pods were created in response to the loss of four observation posts built early in the planet's human colonization. The observation posts were built to study flora and fauna, especially xenomorphs, far from the safety of the POC. Unfortunately, the start of the rainy season drove the xenomorphs to increased levels of aggression, and when a storm knocked out power at the observation posts, the researchers were massacred. The posts remained abandoned ever since.

Weyland-Yutani conducted archaeological excavations at several sites far from the POC and the Pods. Most of these digs took place at sites of Engineer ruins just outside (and connected via tunnels to) the planet's primary xenomorph hive. At least one site, Zeta Site, had previously been occupied not only by the Engineers, but by the Predators, who had converted it to a hunting encampment. By the time humans reached the planet, it had been abandoned for hundreds of years.

Events of Alien versus Predator 2

A crate containing an Alien egg fell to the floor which caused the egg to open which release a Facehugger. The Facehugger stealthy crawled through vents and corridors and begun to stalk Cisco, who is a POC (Primary Operation Complex) guard. When Cisco is alone in his room and having a nap the Facehugger leaps and attaches to him, The Facehugger almost instantly subdues Cisco and impregnates him with the Chestburster that later erupts from his chest. It escapes out of a window and finds its way into an animal pen where it eats all the animals there. The fully grown Warrior then begins to kill many personnel in the POC and increasing the infestation by freeing the Queen and the artificial Hive.

Notable Staff