This article covers all the known goofs in the 2010 film Predators.


  • When Edwin is calling for help whilst hanging from the tree, he does not notice the others until Stans calls out to him, yet when the camera cuts, the entire group is assembled directly in front of Edwin, in his line of sight. There is no way he could have failed to see them arriving.
  • When Royce saves Isabelle from the pit trap she falls into, he throws aside his shotgun and dives forwards. This should mean his shotgun is somewhere behind him, yet when he pulls her out, the gun is lying right next to him.
  • Isabelle demonstrates the planet's omni-directional magnetism by placing a leaf on a body of water; when she puts the leaf down it is flat, but when it is seen spinning it is curled up at the edges, cup-like, showing it is clearly a different leaf.
  • When Isabelle euthanizes Cuchillo, the blood squib on Cuchillo's back can be seen triggering early just as the camera switches from the side angle to the closeup on Isabelle, before she fires.
  • When the group discovers the empty cage, Hanzo draws his pistol and is heard cocking the hammer. However, in a subsequent close-up, the Beretta's hammer is still uncocked.
  • When it is discovered that Isabelle has prior knowledge of the Predators, she recounts the events of Predator to the other survivors. However, she incorrectly states those events took place in Guatemala, when in fact they took place in Val Verde (although Dutch's team was briefed in Guatemala before the mission).
  • Tracker shoots Nikolai clean through the chest, precisely where his heart would be located, with its Plasmacaster, yet Nikolai is still able to crawl away and later pull the fuses on the Claymores attached to his body, the latter even after Tracker impales him on its Wristblade. Given the devastating firepower that the weapon has been shown to deliver, such a wound to the heart would be almost instantly fatal in real life.
  • Just before he is killed, Stans stabs Berserker in the shoulder. However, the wound disappears in later scenes.
  • The Plasmacaster on Berserker switches from its right to left shoulder when Royce is running around and striking it with his axe.
  • When Royce beheads the kneeling Berserker, the Predator's head falls backwards off its shoulders before the rest of its body slumps forwards. This should leave the severed head lying somewhere near the creature's feet or knees, but when the camera switches to a wide angle the Predator's head is instead lying by its neck.

Plot Holes

  • Royce mentions that the sun does not move in the alien planet's sky, implying that the planet is tidally locked with its star (i.e. the same hemisphere is constantly pointed towards the sun as it orbits around it, similar to how the same side of the Moon is always facing the Earth). However, a significant portion of the movie later takes place at night. This would be impossible if the planet is tidally locked, because the sun would never deviate from its position in the sky and could never possibly set. A solar eclipse of some kind could potentially account for the shift to darkness in a tidally locked planet, but such an event would be highly noticeable and the film never indicates this is the case. It would also be theoretically possible to move far enough across the planet's surface that the sun eventually drops behind the horizon, but given that Noland mentions walking for several years and never reaching the edge of the game preserve, the planet is almost certainly too large for this to happen. It may be possible that the planet is not in fact tidally locked but simply has a far longer day-night cycle than Earth, making it merely seem as though the sun is not moving in the sky (it would in fact be moving very slowly), but the time period between day and night implied in the movie would seem to indicate otherwise.
  • At the start of the firefight with the Predator Hell-Hounds, it takes a squad of gunmen unloading entire magazines at the creatures to kill a single one. Yet later on, Isabelle somehow drops one with a single bullet, while Royce beheads another with a machete slash.

Factual Errors

  • Several of the people dropped on the game preserve planet are carrying weapons that could not realistically be found in their hands. For instance, Isabelle carries a Blaser R93 and a Heckler & Koch HK45, yet the IDF does not issue these weapons to any of its personnel. Similarly, Nikolai carries an M134 Minigun, an American weapon that would never be issued to a Russian soldier.
  • As in the original Predator, the M134 Minigun carried by Nikolai would use far more ammunition in the timeframe it is seen being fired than Nikolai could possibly carry.
  • Edwin identifies the poisonous plant Nikolai almost touches as Archaefructus lianoningensis, an extinct genus of herbaceous plants from the Cretaceous period. However, the plant in the movie looks nothing like recovered fossils of the Archaefructus family — it is actually a bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae).
  • When Nikolai detonates the Claymores strapped to his body, they create an enormous, billowing fireball that follows the other survivors for a considerable distance. This is totally inaccurate for Claymore mines, which use plastic explosive and consequently create almost not flame at all when detonated. While explosives making unrealistic fireballs is a common error in films, in Predators it is exaggerated in the extreme.
  • Both times a Predator is decapitated in the film, the head is severed with a clean cut and yet none of the creatures' dreadlocks are severed, even though they should be as they were in the path of the blade.

Revealing Mistakes

  • In several shots, it is possible to see the barrels of Nikolai's Minigun are filled-in, indicating that a dummy prop weapon is being used, rather than a real one.
  • Whenever Hanzo draws the katana he takes from Noland's stash, it makes the sound of metal sliding on metal. While this would be accurate for most types of Western sword, Japanese katana sheaths are in fact made entirely of wood specifically so that the blade can be drawn silently.
  • As the Predator spacecraft lifts off, several items at the hunting camp are seen shaking in closeup from the vibrations, including a pile spent bullet casings. These casings are clearly crimp-nosed blank rounds.