This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 2010 film Predators. Almost all of these can be found on the Blu-ray release of the film. Many of the added scenes expand on the character of Cuchillo.

Dead Man's Parachute

Predators deleted 01

The parachute opens.

A short extension after the unnamed soldier falls to his death between Royce and Cuchillo shows the dead man's parachute suddenly activate, scaring Cuchillo.

Cuchillo and Isabelle

Predators deleted 02

Cuchillo mocks Isabelle.

Another brief extension was cut after Isabelle explains she is in the IDF. Cuchillo taunts her, saying, "I thought bitches weren't allowed to be snipers?" She responds with, "Is that why they didn't take you?" He laughs and remarks, "Bitch." This exchange is featured in the comic adaptation of the movie.

If You Insist

When the group finds Edwin hanging in the tree shouting to be helped down, an alternate shot showed Royce saying, "If you insist," before shooting the branch.[1]

Team-Oriented Group

Predators deleted 03

The team debates what to do.

After Royce decides the survivors need to head to high ground, Isabelle, Cuchillo and Stans continue to argue about working as a team. Stans initially refuses to go with the others, but when everyone else walks away without him, he eventually follows.

Third Most Wanted

Predators deleted 04

Stans the serial killer.

A brief conversation helps to explain why Stans was brought to the Game Preserve Planet — he is a notorious serial killer, third on the FBI's most wanted list, and admits to having murdered 38 people. Cuchillo is disgusted, stating that, as bad as he is, he at least kills for money, whereas Stans simply kills for no reason. Edwin asks Stans why he committed so many murders, and he explains, "Well, my lawyer, he said I was crazy. But you wanna know the real reason, doc? Why the fuck not?"

Cuchillo Unleashes

Predators deleted 05

"I unleash."

Before Isabelle tests her leaf compass, Cuchillo, Edwin and Nikolai discuss whether it is safe to drink the water in the rock pools. Edwin then says that he "needs to pee". Cuchillo responds, "woman pee, men piss." Edwin asks what Cuchillo does. Deadpan, he responds, "I unleash."

Why Are You Here?

Predators deleted 06

Royce confronts Edwin.

After establishing Edwin does not fit in with the group, he moves off to go to the toilet. Royce secretly follows him and grabs him, holding his combat knife to his throat, threatening him, "Go ahead and shout for the Russian, see what happens." Royce then obliquely accuses him of being involved in their being brought to the planet, based on the fact he is not a killer like the others. Edwin denies this, finally claiming that he is addicted to hallucinogenic drugs, and that while performing an appendectomy on a woman named Alice, he hallucinated that she woke up and began attacking him, and as a result he brutally stabbed her to death before the other doctors could restrain him.

They're Smarter Than That

Predators deleted 07

Nikolai sets up a Claymore.

When the group reach the drilling rig, Nikolai begins to setting up a Claymore to cover the entrance. Noland casually informs him that he's wasting his time because the Predators are too smart to fall for such a trap.

Stans and Isabelle Naked

Predators deleted 08

Stans 'wooing' Isabelle.

After showing off his tattoo, Stans attempts to woo Isabelle, explaining that it has been a long time since he last had sex and that he fears the Predators will kill him before he has another chance. Surprisingly she agrees, prompting a shocked Stans to ask, "Really?" She smiles and responds with a definitive, "No."

They're Still Coming

Predators deleted 09

"They're still coming."

A final brief extension takes place when the group climbs out of the river. Royce looks back and proclaims, "They're still coming."


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