Predators is a trade paperback comic book published by Dark Horse Books on October 26, 2010. It collects together all of the comics produced to tie into the film of the same name — the prequel comics Predators: Welcome to the Jungle and Predators: A Predatory Life, the movie adaptation Predators: Beating the Bullet, and the sequel Predators: Preserve the Game. The book was edited by Scott Allie, Sierra Hahn, Freddye Lins and John Schork.

In the Predator comics line, Predators (trade paperback) was preceded by Predators: Beating the Bullet and Predators: Preserve the Game, and was followed by Predator: Fire and Stone.


The trade paperback is arranged into four chapters, the first two of which present the two stories from the prequel comic, Predators: Welcome to the Jungle and Predators: A Predatory Life, in their entirety. The latter two chapters consist of Predators: Beating the Bullet and its sequel, Predators: Preserve the Game, respectively. Each chapter opens with the cover art produced by Paul Lee for the four issues of the prequel comic.

Publisher's summary

A GROUP OF ELITE COMBATANTS are mysteriously transported to a world where they become prey for a violent alien race keen on hunting humans for sport. In an attempt to stay alive and find their way off this hellish planet, this mixed bag of mercenaries and hardened criminals must join forces to outsmart the hunters or forever remain the hunted.

Filmmaker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ helped conceptualize the comics to coincide with with the blockbuster film PREDATORS. This collection teams acclaimed writers MARC ANDREYKO (Manhunter), DAVID LAPHAM (Stray Bullets) and PAUL TOBIN (Spider-Man) in a saga that chronicles the lives of key characters before, during, and after the film's climax!

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  • The front cover of the trade paperback uses the same art as Predators: Beating the Bullet (credited as being courtesy of 20th Century Fox), with altered credits.

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