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Preserve the game issue one

Cover to Predators: Preserve the Game by Sean Phillips.


Cover to the trade paperback release.

Predators: Preserve the Game is a one-shot comic sequel to the 2010 movie Predators published by Dark Horse Comics in July 2010. It continues the story of Royce and Isabelle on the Game Preserve Planet after the events of the film. The story was written by David Lapham, drawn by Allan Jefferson, inked by David Rivera and Jordi Tarragona, and colored by Michelle Madsen. The issue featured a painted cover by artist Sean Phillips. It was edited by Scott Allie, with associate editor Sierra Hahn and assistant editors Freddye Lins and John Schork.

Preserve the Game was preceded by the four-part Predators prequel comic and the comic book adaptation of the film, and was followed by the Predator line of the Fire and Stone series. All three Predators titles — prequel, adaptation and sequel — were later collected into a single trade paperback released in October 2010.



Official description: Set a few weeks after the climax of Robert Rodriguez's Predators film, the remaining survivors still struggle to find some existence on the alien planet where they are hunted. Hope of outlasting the alien hunters still lives; they have a plan to get away, and they just might be able to pull it off!

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Four-Armed Predator from Predators: Preserve the Game.

At the end of the film, Royce and Isabelle were left as the only remaining human characters. They fought off the beasts hunting them and were left stranded on the planet, awaiting the next barrage of alien creatures and hoping to eventually find a way back to Earth.

Preserve the Game picks up several weeks afterward. Royce and Isabelle have split up according to Royce’s wishes, but now Royce realizes he needs her help, so he seeks her out and joins back up with her. A romance blooms between the two. At the same time, it becomes apparent that Royce has been designated as some sort of champion by the Predators for defeating any opponents they have set before him. This is indicated by their gift to him of a set of human-specific Predator armor.

Together, Royce and Isabelle are then forced to face off against a new, enormous, four-armed Predator. As they work together to kill the beast, Royce begins to feel more and more strongly for Isabelle, even while he tries to guard himself against such feelings.

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