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Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter
Written by Jim Shooter
John Ostrander
Illustrated by Lee Weeks
Inked by Lee Weeks
Colored by Maurice Fontenot (#1)
Rachelle Menasche (#2)
Lettered by John Costanza (#1)
Pat Brosseau (#2)
Cover(s) by Barry Windsor-Smith
Edited by Mike Richardson (#1-2)
Bob Layton (#1)
Publisher Dark Horse Comics/Valiant Comics
Release date(s) Nov 1992
Media type
Preceded by
Followed by
Alternate cover
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Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter is a two-issue limited crossover comic book series that was first published by Dark Horse Comics and (the now defunct) Valiant Comics in November 1992. It was written by Jim Shooter and John Ostrander, illustrated and inked by Lee Weeks, colored by Maurice Fontenot and Rachelle Menashe, lettered by John Costanza and Pat Brosseau, and edited by Mike Richardson and Bob Layton, with cover art by Barry Windsor-Smith.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter was preceded by Batman versus Predator, and was followed by Batman versus Predator II: Bloodmatch.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

#1: A Predator stalks North Am 4001, searching for his most prized trophy — the X-O Manowar helmet. The stolen trophy has fallen into the hands of a certain Goph, a man called Magnus, whose steel-mashing strength has earned him the title Robot Fighter — thus the stage is set for the battle of the 41st century!

#2: Valiant and Dark Horse combine their resources to produce the spectacular conclusion to the year's most exciting face-off! Predator faces Robot Fighter — and only one will walk away. Don't miss this historic match-up!

Reprint HistoryEdit

713883-predmagtpb super

Cover to Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter trade paperback by Dave Dorman.

Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter was eventually collected in a trade paperback edition released in October 1994, edited by Ryder Windham and Bryan Gogolin and featuring a new painted cover by artist Dave Dorman.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Following close on the heels of the successful Batman versus Predator miniseries, Predator versus Magnus, Robot Fighter was the second in the series of cross-overs between Dark Horse's Aliens and Predator comics and other titles. The series also makes references to fellow Valiant Comics title X-O Manowar.


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