This article covers all the known deleted scenes from the 1987 film Predator. The most notable change during production of the movie was a complete redesign of the titular creature after only a small amount of filming had been completed. Otherwise, relatively little deleted footage is known to exist.

Where applicable, the names of these deleted scenes have been taken from the DVD/Blu-ray release of Predator.

The Original Predator


A behind the scenes photo showing the original Predator.

Some footage was filmed of the original Predator suit, when the character was being played be Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, this mostly consisted of test shots, as it quickly became apparent the design was unsuitable.[1] Some of this footage can be seen in the film's making-of documentary If It Bleeds We Can Kill It.

Trophy Making

Footage was filmed of the Jungle Hunter mutilating Hawkins' corpse after retrieving it from the tree where it is last seen hanging in the film, presumably to make a trophy. Behind the scenes footage shows Shane Black being dressed with fake blood for this scene.[1]


The morning after Blain's body is reclaimed by the Predator, a brief scene, designed to tie in to Anna's description of the Predator ("It changes colors. Like the chameleon"), showed Anna pick up a chameleon from the jungle floor and study it. The scene also appeared in the film's novelization, where it held additional significance as the Predator in the book camouflages itself by precisely changing its skin color, much like a chameleon, instead of using a Cloak.[2] This scene is available on the film's DVD/Blu-ray.

Fleeing the Predator

Some footage was cut from the scene where Dutch flees from the Predator after it kills Poncho. After hiding in a gully where he is covered with biting ants, Dutch believes he has evaded the creature and collapses, exhausted. The Predator takes aim at the back of his head with its Plasmacaster, but at the last moment shifts its aim to a tree in front of Dutch, allowing him to see the laser pointer, before it fires, blasting the tree and temporarily blinding Dutch, who crawls away. The Predator continues to follow, deliberately missing with successive Plasmacaster shots, leading Dutch to realize aloud that the creature is toying with him. This sequence is available on the film's DVD/Blu-ray.

Preparing for Battle

The sequence where Dutch constructs his improvised weapons and traps for his final showdown with the Predator was originally much longer, showing how he spends a day or more preparing.

The Predator's Ship

The Predator's ship, which it used to reach Earth, was originally set to appear at the climax of the film when it is discovered in the jungle by Dutch.[3] Although this was deleted from the film, Dutch does find the ship in the novelization.[4]


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